Furniture Hints & Tips

Catch it early!


  • Don't wait until your chair falls assunder before contacting us.
  • The earlier you detect movement in the joints of a chair the better.
  • For us this means a less extensive repair, which is a better repair - which takes less time and costs you less money!


Waxing and polishing.


  • When polishing your furniture remember "Less is More"
  • People tend to use too much polish and too frequently.
  • We find home help and cleaners particularly bad in this area (Sorry we've nothing against you!)
  • If using a spray product for convenience remember choose a quality one.
  • Don't over apply, spread evenly, then buff off straight away.
  • It's a good idea here to use two dusters, one to apply and spread and the second (nice and dry) to buff.
  • You'll need to use a bit of elbow grease and speed here to generate some heat to buff nicely. Think of it like polishing a pair of shoes.


Don't DIY


  • Unless you feel really competent enough to tackle the job in hand this is best avoided.
  • We have numerous horror stories, say after a party for example, where something has been damaged and somebody with the best of intentions has taken on a repair job only to make matters much worse.
  • This can also inhibit the type of repair job we could have done and force us into a more extensive and costly solution.

Handling and Usage

  • Some people tend to be very heavy handed and rough with the usage of their furniture.
  • When moving pieces, lift them cleanly from the floor, move them to where required and replace them gently.
  • When using a vacuum cleaner try not to "push and pull" the piece out of your way even if they have castors as this can put undue stress on joints.
  • Try not to throw car keys, loose change etc; on hall tables as this damages the polished surface. "Use a Bowl"
  • When sitting on chairs or soft furnishings try not to let yourself "fall" into the seat as this impacts badly on springs and joint work.

Remember be nice to your furniture...